Friday, February 18, 2011

Vanna White is Useless.

My Wife and I are like an old married couple. We both get home from work roughly around 1730, and we almost always sit down and watch Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune as one of us prepares dinner. But something has been bugging me lately.

What the fuck is she doing out there? Vanna walks around and simply touches a screen. She doesn't turn a letter around like she used to. The untrained eye would assume there is some sort of motion sensor, or switch she is hitting, but she never hits the same spot on a certain box. She could be brain dead, and not even know how to spell for all we know. She went from a respectable woman, with on the fly spelling skills, to a bimbo with an exorbitant amount of evening gowns.

Dont get me wrong, that 54 year old cougar is quite easy on the eyes, but what is the fucking point?


  1. It happens with age.

    ages takes a toll on all of us

  2. Haha, she'll be replaced by a robot one day. That's annoying.